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The Exchange Project 2013

Impious: Mark Halliday & Anna Hayes


3 & 4 August 2013 

Impious (meaning disrespectful of god) was a collaboration between artists Mark Halliday and Anna Hayes.

Centred around a performance by the artists at Cilyrynys, the artists engaged in a ritualistic meal referencing works by the painter William Orchardson and the films of Tony Richardson. The work set up a combative public ‘eat off’ between the artists.  A bacchanalian event which was opened by a cow called Rosie and presided over by a fine Bazadaise bull called Farenheit.


Mark Halliday's work around Impious continues and can be found on his website.

Thank you to Will & Wendy Thomas, Adam Howells, Andy Broadbent, Jim McKiernan-Broadbent, Kate Gobir, Bill Halliday, Katy Lewis and Wilhemina & Steve Bunn for your help, good spirit and generosity towards this project.  Meg Anthony and all at Oriel Myrddin,  Alex Boyd and all at Oriel Davies and Phil Nicol & Maggie James at BayArt Gallery for your support and advice.

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